Nweton Ross Workshops 2017

A exciting opportunity to participate and evolve your art. These classes are with Newton Ross and span over a three week period.

Dont hesitate to get in touch and book your space at this class.


Liz Workshop 11 March 2017

Thank you to all who attended this event


Spring Exhibition 2017 – Canceled

We are saddened to announce that we cannot host the Spring 2017 Exhibition but we look forward to seeing all you work for the September one.

Thank you


2017 Spring Exhibition


Unfortunately the Spring 2017 exhibition is cancelled – next exhibition Autumn 2017 (November).
This has come about due to our long-standing Arts Centre booking being lost by Midlothian Council who subsequently took other bookings which are not compatible with our use of the Arts Centre for the fortnight of our exhibition.

Spring Exhibition hand in 20th April  and  will run from 22nd April to 6th May. This is a fantastic opportunity to show off you talents within our community

Everyone is welcome to hand in their work. Please contact us for more information if you are interested


Looking forward to the new term with you creative wonders!


Autumn 2016 Open Art & Crafts Exhibition

Dalkeitharts Autumn Exhibition 2016

The Autumn exhibition was a roaring success. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries. We hope that you enjoyed the experience.

A special thank you to everyone who volunteered and gave up their time to hang the work and help run each day ensuring that it was open to public viewing. Well done all.

Remember we are always looking for like minded art loving individuals to became involved with Dakleith Arts. If you think this will suit you please get in touch with us. Everyone is welcome
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Music Night

At the end of the Exhibition we held a music evening. This was a sell out and successful evening. Something we at Dalkeith Arts are proud to Host each year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped at our music evening, we couldn’t have done it without your help, so a great big thanks to you all, it was another great night of entertainment from Dave Wright and friends, thanks guys!! Photos and videos to follow soon!


Dalkeith Arts AGM 2016

Dalkeith Arts AGM 2016 will be held on Monday September 12 in Dalkeith Arts Centre from 7 – 9 pm. A number of long serving committee members have stood down recently, and the committee urgently needs to be replenished by new volunteers who are prepared to dedicate some time to keeping this arts group running for the benefit of the local arts community. Do come along with any ideas and especially if you might consider serving on the committee. This is your arts community – help keep it thriving.


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Spring 2016 Open Arts & Crafts Exhibition

The Spring 2016 Exhibition in Dalkeith Arts Centre was typical of our exhibitions and details   are on our website. Go to our forthcoming events page to find these. The exhibition ran from April 16 to April 30, and the hand-in evening for exhibits was on Thursday April 14 from 5-7pm at Dalkeith Arts Centre. We again ran a crafts stall (for immediate purchase of items) for information contact Liz Walker at [email protected]/

We ran a popular Music Night hosted by Dave Wright with other local musicians, on Friday April 22nd – see our Facebook page..

Volunteers are urgently needed to help run the exhibition – get in touch (see contacts).

We also need new committee members. A number of us have had to stand down over the last year due to other priorities and commitments, and I too have recently stood down from the committee (after 4 years) since I feel others should now take on responsibilities for Dalkeith Arts.
We therefore need someone with website design/management experience to manage the website and social network activities (are you familiar with HTML/CSS ?), so if you think you can fulfill that role please get in touch with any committee member (see contacts).

Robin Barclay