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Dalkeith Arts is the new name for Dalkeith Arts Music & Events (DAME), formerly and founded as the Dalkeith & District Arts Guild, which has been a forum for local artists (amateur and professional) for many years. While we will continue to cater for artists and photographers and hold regular exhibitions to display such artworks, we are interested in broadening our supported activities to draw in other artistic endeavors.  We now have a number of crafters who are active in the group and who exhibit their work.  However we would like to represent other artists such as musicians or those interested in oral/written arts, to integrate the range of arts in the community and, for example, to speak for them to other bodies such as civic authorities.  We are interested in any ideas on how we might represent these and present their work to the community, and we urge you to get in touch with suggestions. We hope that DAME can become an umbrella group for local artists and artisans, and a resource which will be used by them and the community for information, communication, exchange of ideas and notification of events. There is talk of re-developing Dalkeith town centre and we need to ensure that at worst we do not lose what we have (the Arts Centre), but better, we would hope that community arts facilities could be a centerpiece in any such development.

To complement our website this is a blog & comment section (WordPress) where the DAME Committee (to begin with) can post news, ideas, proposals or information. Members and the Community (and anyone else) can comment, so please let us have your ideas and any comment on what others say. We invite anyone who has something substantial to say, like a description of their work, a review, or an introduction to something novel, to send it to us and we will publish it here as a new post, for people to comment on. If you write articles or reviews regularly we can arrange that you can post those directly.

Note that your replies/comments will not appear immediately, but will be held pending approval.  This is to prevent inappropriate or offensive comments or malicious spam from appearing on the site.


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  1. Margaret Donald

    I moved here four months ago having lived all my life in Aberdeen Spent 3 months at my daughter’s five years ago & liked the area . so here we are . On the mend after breaking my ankle………….but looking forward to getting back to my painting in the new year . I’d like to connect with like minded individuals which is why I’m getting in touch . I am a professional artist . I would welcome the opportunity to be part of a group . My website is about to be revamped so I’m told . Mag Donald 🙋


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